Sink Bath on a rainy Spring day

Sink baths are both one of our favorite things around here. I always strip Scarlett down to her diaper and buckle her in her high chair at meal time. She loves to feed herself and (try) to use silverware. It's pretty cute but also leaves the biggest mess.
I feel like its easiest to take off her diaper and just give her a good rinse down in the sink. Now that she is getting (sort of) better at eating, she still LOVES and INSISTS on taking a bath in the sink. It's become part of our routine. I recently go this adorable muslin hooded towel from the Copper Pearl and am pretty in love with it! Not only is it so cute, but it is soft and super absorbent. I love the hood part to keep her head warm and help dry her hair after she gets out of the bath. Do yourself a favor and check out the Copper Pearl and all their cute products! You wont regret it :)

This post is in partnership with Copper Pearl. All opinions are my own :)

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