A typical day at home

Since I have become a Mom my personal style as gone through a gradual transformation. I tend to wear clothes that are more comfortable, and simple. Especially now that Scarlett is a toddler and loves to feed her self and makes a mess every meal! There are definitely days where I stay in my pajamas all day long and that's okay! Although it is so comfy, I find myself feeling less productive and less confident one those days I don't get out of my pajamas. I have also noticed that when I throw on a pair of jeans, a basic tee and a hat I feel not only more put together and confident but also end up having a more productive day. I love that a classic hat can take my casual outfit up a notch, or add some flair to a more dressy look. Gigi Pip hats are perfect for doing just that! They seriously have some many cute hats to choose from weather you're bundling up on a cold day, lounging around the house, or headed to a yummy restaurant on a hot date :) 

Now that it is winter Scarlett and I spend most days playing at home. We love to read books, play hide and seek, build block towers and most recently play dress up! I love when Scarlett steals my hat and puts it on her head. It is usually covering her eyes which means we are playing "hide and seek." She likes to walk around the room, with the hat covering her eyes, bumping into the furniture and giggling the whole time. We also love to listen to music and dance! When she squats and bounces up and down to the beat, it makes me so happy! She is 13 months and her personality comes out more everyday. It is the greatest thing to watch. Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of stubbornness, whining and the back arching tantrums too. But I wouldn't trade our days together for anything. She is such a bright spot in my life!

I was lucky enough to have my friend Kierstin come over the other day and take some photos of Scarlett and I hanging out at home. I love how the Gigi Pip Ruth hat can be worn with my casual button down and also with my red lace dress. Having pieces in my clothes that are versatile make it so much easier to get out of those pajamas ;) I loved how Kierstin captured Scarlett and I at home doing chores and playing. It's truly crazy how time is flying by and Scarlett is growing up more and more every day. It definitely pulls at my heart strings. Having these moments frozen in time in these photographs are treasures I will hold onto forever! 

I am looking forward to more days out of those pajamas and in my Gigi Pip hat, chasing Scarlett around the house, making cookies, snuggling up watching netflix, playing at the park, and out and about shopping. 

This blog post is in collaboration with Gigi Pip! All opinions are my own :)

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