A fall hike in the mountains

^ Scar was happiest holding *and chewing* on sticks

We went for a hike today at a family in between General Conference sessions. We haven't hiked as a family since memorial day! That is so long. We live close to some cool trails that we need to check out more. We hiked from the top of the North Ogden Divide and found some pretty fall leaves. It was a short hike but super steep. Derek and I are a little out of shape and were pretty winded early in haha. I can't tell I will be sore tomorrow but it was so worth it. Such a pretty fall family hike!

^ proud of this self timer photo! I rested my phone on a tree branch and secured it to the stump with nelly's dog leash ha ha! ^

^ Ben Lomond! ^

^ we are so bad at selfies haha ^

^ can't stop laughing at this ^

^ nelly was in heaven! ^

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