Favorite Baby Items

I can't believe Scarlett is almost 1! It makes me sad and excited all at once. She is at such a fun age though and waves at everyone we see. Sometimes with both hands and it looks like she is dancing. Some days are really trying but I wouldn't change anything. I have been wanting to write this post forever. Here are some of my favorite baby items that I have loved using.

1. Sollywrap - if you follow me on instagram you have probably seen lots of photos of Scar in the sollywrap. I really love it! I wasn't sure if it would be worth the price, with other wraps on the market for less, but I can truley say it is worth the price. It is lightweight but sturdy to hold a growing baby and best of all, snuggly! It has saved my so many times when I have been out and about and Scarlett needs to nap or when my arms are tired. She loves napping in it on the go.

2. Ergo Carrier - Once Scarlett got more wiggly and curious she enjoyed facing outward. The ergo carrier is such a great and supportive carrier. I love all the different ways I can carry her. I especially love to carry her on my back for hikes and doing chores around the house. We got the cool air mesh carrier and really love it!

3. Fawn Design Diaper bag - I have loved this bag from the second I saw it on Instagram! It is simple and stylish and doesn't look like a typical diaper bag. So funny side story about buying this bag. It was sold out for what seemed like forever when I was pregnant. I worked 8-4 most days full time and it seemed to always be restocked when I was at work and by the time I would try to buy it, it had already sold out, since they are a newer/small business. I was determined to buy it next restock! So I signed up to their email list, and made Derek, and my mom also sign up. I told them if they got a email that it was in stock, to buy it! (I told my Mom I would pay her back.) So when it finally came in stock, I was working of course and I was trying to buy it on my phone I got busy and hurried and texted Derek to buy it but didn't have service to send the text haha! Their website must of been busy because I was getting my order stuck on the processing page. I was being impatient because I had to get back to work. I ended up being able to buy it, but almost sumbitted my order twice! Later I realized my text to Derek had also sent, and he was about to buy one also haha! So for a brief moment we thought we bought three bags haha!

4. Ikea High Chair - Cheap, easy to clean and easy to break down. What else can you ask for.

5. Swaddle Blankets - My favorite blankets are Solly Swaddles and Little Unicorn. I wasn't sure when I bought the solly swaddles if they would be worth the price and I can happily saw they are! I love how thin and soft they are, as well as the simplicity of them. I got natural and grey stripes and blush swiss dots. These were okay to swaddle but I preferred a stiffer blanket most the time. Little unicorn was perfect for that. Little unicorn has so many cute and playful prints! I love how fun they are. I got a few at baby showers and love them. I have the bicycles, red poppies, and plain white.

6.  JJ Cole Bundle Me - Since Scarlett was born in October she was little during the winter months! This Bundler is awesome because it is like a sleeping bag attached to the car seat. It keeps them nice and warm, without worrying about blankets falling off the car seat. It is easy to attach and take off of the carseat with velcro, so you can wash it. My mom found it at TJ Maxx but I think it is priced similar on Amazon.

7. Keekaroo Peanut Changing Pad- This is a bit pricey but I really love it. It's a wipeable changing pad! One less thing to wash the cover. Its super soft and Scarlett loves it. She even tolerated her first experiences of tummy time on it.

8. Gathre Micro - This bonded leather mat is perfect to keep in the diaper bag for diaper changes. It folds up great and fits perfect in my bag.

9. Quail Lane Moccs - I love the minimalist and t-strap moccs! They are super cute and stay on Scar's feet! Some many cute colors.

10. Bows! My favorite places to find bows are Free Babes and Simple June! I sign up for the email newsletter and shop when they are on sale. I also like Fancy Free Finery, Baby Bling Bows, and Lou Lou & Co but Scarlett would usually pull off the big bows.

11. Baby Clothes - My favorite places to find Scarlett's clothes are Old Navy, Gap, Carter's and Zara. I have found some cute basically brand new clothes at D.I. and Savers too but it is hit or miss.

Hope this is helpful for others looking at the overwhelming world of baby products. (This isn't sponsored I just really like these products.)

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