Bryce Canyon

A few weeks ago we went camping at Bryce Canyon National Park with some friends. We bought a trailer this summer and have been excited to go camping somewhere! We have never been to Bryce Canyon and it thought it would be a great place to check out and test out the trailer. Besides a flat tire on our first day we had a great trip. We hiked to see the hoodoos, skipped nap time, ate street tacos (tacos in a chip bag, my new favorite thing!) saw pretty sunsets, biked around our camp ground, went swimming, star gazed, stayed up late talking around the camp fire and ate way too many s'mores. I can't wait to plan our next camping trip!

^ she was so tired and fell asleep right after this photo haha ^

^ Not much cuter than our guys carrying our babies ^

^ the tame squirrels looking for free food ^

^my favorite hike we did Mossy Caves ^

^ Scar's first time on a bike ^

^ A little blurry but I'm proud of this photo! ^

^ Chewing on Dad's sweatshirt strings ^

^ Fixing our flat tire :/ ^

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