Favorite Teething Toys


Scarlett has been teething hard core, or so I think. No teeth have shown up yet but she has been especially fussy and not herself. I have been trying to avoid buying teething aids from the drugstore because they can be full of chemicals. Here are some teething tricks we have been using lately.

1. Silicone Necklace - Okay I LOVE this necklace! First of all I think it is so cute! Scar seems to really like it too. It's nice to put on my neck and not have to worry about it being thrown on the ground or having to use a pacifier clip. It is made of silicone and has a breakaway clasp so I don't have to worry about it being a hazard. They have lots of other cute necklaces and styles to offer. Check them out HERE.

2. Banana Toothbrush - One of her favorite teething toys. She loves to chew on it from every angle and I think it's adorable. I like that I can use a pacifier clip so it doesn't get thrown on the floor and stays clean and within her reach.

3. Silicone Feeder - I like to put apples or oranges inside it. Scar really likes it. The other day I tried out putting some ASEA I had frozen in an ice cube tray. It was a hit! I love that ASEA is 100% no toxic and helps by repairing the body on a cellular level. I seriously love ASEA and use it everyday! I love finding new ways to use it.

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