Scarlett's Room Tour


While I was pregnant I had so much fun getting Scarlett's room ready. Nowadays I love to hang out in there with her, reading books, or doing tummy time on the rug. It's easily my favorite room in the house! Here is a list of sources:

Crib - IKEA
Crib sheets - Target
Chair - RC Wiley 
Library Cart - KSL classifieds 
Dresser - KSL classifieds 
Flags - Ace & Jig (Bought used from an Instagram sale)
Hanging Cupboard - Thrifted
Blue & Green Painting - My parents bought in China
Wooden Print Holder - Etsy
National Parks Postcards - MADE
Wooden growth chart & You Are Loved- handmade by my neighbor
Woven baskets - TJ Maxx
Side Table - TJ Maxx
Rug - Thrifted
Pillows - Bohem
Bow Tree holder - UO
Wooden Toys - IKEA, Target, Etsy

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