My favorite finds at Trader Joe's

I just love Trader Joe's! Unfortunately the nearest store is about 45 minutes away, so whenever I make a stop there it makes me so happy! It has "healthy" things at good prices but also yummy treats! They also have some funky stuff I can't help but want to try. The other day I got a pre-made butternut squash salad with goat cheese and  when was telling Derek how delicious it was he thought it sounded gross ha ha! So maybe this post isn't for everyone.
Anyways here are some of my favorite Trader Joe's items  as well as some new things I am trying out.

1. Riced Cauliflower - This is something new I'm trying! I was looking for their frozen option but a this was all they had. I'm sure I could freeze it myself. I found out about this item from my favorite Instagram foodie, Lauren Brimley. I'm excited to try this out as a rice substitute of sorts.
2. Edamame Hummus - one of my life long favorites. I tried a different brand of edamame hummus a few years ago and have been hooked ever since. I really like the trader Joe's brand too. My favorite way to eat it is with sliced red bell peppers! So good.
3. Fig Butter - a new item! Read about this on Pinterest and was intrigued! I plan to try it with toast.
4. Butternut Squash - a new item. Pretty self explanatory. I love eating butternut squash but can get impatient getting it peeled, seeded and cut. I'm excited to oven roast them, maybe with some curry powder. I really like this butternut squash one pot pasta too my sister Kensie gave me.

5. Chocolate Lava Cakes - a new item! What's not to love about chocolate lava cakes? This was a no brainer.
6. Mac'n Cheese - a delicious option of the classic frozen, microwave Mac n Cheese for any cheese lover out there. I never just buy one box. and I never buy the reduced guilt version either. Go big or go home ;)

7. Organic Coconut Oil - I love this stuff! I have been using it to remove my mascara and eye makeup for a few years now and I love it! It leaves my lashes soft and moisturized. I love to put it on my chapped lips, dry elbows and Scarlett's dry skin too. Lately I have been swishing it in my mouth as oil pulling and really like using that way too. I have sensitive teeth and it seems to be helping! And I love the flavor.

8. Coconut Creme - A new favorite! I love everything coconut so the possibilities with this one is exciting. It's full of good fats and lots of flavor. I recently added it to my slow cooker beef stew (with the suggestion from my other favorite instagram foodie Jenna.  It sounds weird but I loved the creamy flavor it added.

9. Spices! I love these spice grinders. I recently ran out of the everyday seasoning and rainbow peppercorns which tells you how much I use them. I am excited to try lemon pepper. I used it already the other night on my baked tilapia and it was yummy!

I left out lots of other favorites so I'll have to make other post to follow up and share more items. I just was looking on their website and saw they have a Fearless Flyer where they highlight items too. Check it out for more ideas of what to try. Hope you enjoy this silly post about my obsession with food and Trader Joe's :)