Greer Family Photos and a remote!

This last Sunday we took family photos with my family.  My brother zach was in town for Thanksgiving and so my mom insisted on getting a photo together. I am always happy to help. I put my camera on a tripod and usually set it to timer and run into the shot. BUT this year I stepped up my game and bought a remote! It had to point directly to the camera (and wouldn't work from a pocket) so it made for funny photos as we were figuring this out. As you can tell above, Derek thought it was hilarious. Everyone had to take their turn and using the remote. But hey, it made us all have genuine smiles for the most part so I would say it was a success. And thanks to my sister Kensie for snapping this photo of Derek, Scarlett and I too. Let me also add that I have learned that a little bit of lipstick goes a long way! Scarlett was up all through the night, then we had 9 o'clock church, and straight to draper for family photos. I'm surprised that I don't look like a zombie here, cause I sure felt like one.

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  1. Such beautiful family photos! Lipstick is my secret too, it makes me look human even when I least feel it. Your baba is so beautiful, you must hear it all the time, but- that hair!! WOW. Thanks for sharing :)