Hello October!

The month I have been waiting for all year has finally arrived! I love fall and all the traditions it brings, but this year is extra special because we will be welcoming baby girl into the world! It hasn't felt like fall lately since it has been in the high 80's these past few weeks, but the leaves are changing and pumpkins are finally for sale. 

The other night I went for a slow and short walk on the Bonneville trail nearby. Lately I have been dealing with heart burn and acid reflux and walking after meals seems to help a little! It's funny because I walked this trail sometimes twice a day during my first trimester to battle the nausea and sometimes prevent vomiting (pregnancy is so glamorous right?) I was blessed during my second trimester, and I felt great so I didn't have to force myself to walk after every meal. It's been funny how similar my experiences have been during the first and third trimester. 

To get in the spirit for fall, I went to Carlo's Produce the other day and brought home a few pumpkins for the front porch and mantle. Even though it still feels like summer, I'll pretend its fall by making pumpkin pie and and secretly clipping some branches off my neighbors tree that has some pretty red leaves!

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