Build-A-Libray Baby Shower

A little while ago my coworkers threw me the cutest baby shower. I have been so blessed with having several baby showers and have gotten all the essentials so they decided to have the shower be library themed and have everyone bring books. I loved this idea, since I love children's books. The foods all coordinated with a classic book as you can see in the photos above. I loved every detail, and it was all super yummy! Morgan (on the far left) whose house it was hosted at, even made my favorite cookies, peanut butter kiss! I ate way too many! They are so small, I tell myself it is acceptable to eat at least 5 ;) So maybe thats why at my last Dr. appointment my belly was measuring above average in size... I got so many great books that I enjoyed so much during my childhood. I have wanted to crack them open now and start reading them already, but I told myself to wait until baby girl is here. We will see is I hold out, patience isn't something I am very good at. I am so grateful for coworkers who are also good friends and the fun baby shower they threw for baby girl!

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