40 weeks!

Today is baby's due date, and she is still cooking. I can't believe the time is finally here yet also feel like meeting her is so far away. I am nervous, excited, impatient, tired, uncomfortable, and grateful all at once. Trying to be productive today and tidy up the house. I wish laughing would induce labor, because all i've done for the past hour is watch jimmy fallon and ellen on youtube. Also yesterday I couldn't breath for what felt like 5 minutes while watching Mrs. Doubtfire with Derek. I was laughing at the movie, and he was laughing at me. Anyways, I'm off to try and finish writing thank you cards while watching Tangled. No judgements please :)

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  1. When I was pregnant with Emeline and it was a few days past her due date we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. The fortune cookie I got said "good things come to those who wait". That was a good laugh, but she certainly is good. Hang in there. She will be worth waiting for.