Tony Grove

A few weeks ago I went camping with the young women of my ward at Tony's Grove in the Logan canyon. It was so fun to sleep under the tall pine trees. They were so tall it made me feel so small. The first night we roasted shrimp and pineapple over the fire. It was delicious. Just what this prego was craving! I must say I was slightly terrified to get up in the middle of the night to go pee (dang pregnancy bladder) since there was a mama and baby cougar siting the previous day from the next camp ground. We hiked to White Pine Lake on the second day. It was a beautiful & easy (thank heavens) hike filled with stunning views and endless wild flowers. Before heading down the valley to the lake, we even saw a moose across the way! We packed lunches and enjoyed them sitting next to the lake. It was wonderful. After be got back, we took a dip in Tony Grove Lake. It was pretty cold but felt really refreshing. It was only a two night trip, but the perfect length camping trip to take at 28 weeks. 

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