I've been on the hunt lately for a rug for the nursery. I've spent too much time looking on Overstock, West elm, ikea, bohem, eBay etc.
I even considered taking the plunge to get one I had been eyeing for over a year from anthropologie. I decided to check out a local store, The Estate Sale Antiques, since it has been a while. I didn't get my hopes up since the last time I went, I felt the asking prices were too high. So today when I found a rug tucked in the back corner without a price tag, I was sure it would be overpriced. The manager called the dealer to get the price and when he told me it was only $20, I couldn't believe it. I bought it immediately without thinking twice. I also found some other treasures there for the babies room including some vintage mounted deer antlers, vintage handmade quilt, a metal basket, and some wooden toys. Oh and I think it is safe to say, Nelly is happy about the rug too. 

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