life lately

life lately from my cell phone. haven't picked up my dslr this whole month other than shoots. definitely a note to self to make it a goal. the nba season had begun and has taken all my husbands free times as he is a ball boy for the utah jazz. i got to meet my neighbor cara's sweet baby gwen at last! words cannot describe whole much i loved to hold that tiny 3 week old ball of cuteness.

this week my best friend/little sister kensie is coming home from SPAIN(!) she has been there for BYU study abroad this semester. i can't wait to have my partner in crime back, skype will not suffice (!). and also having my mom be gone for the past 10 days has affected my cooking abilities with no one to call every 2 minutes with all my silly questions.

last sunday derek and i joined my dad and brothers for sunday dinner up in eden. it was funny to see the men surviving with my mom out of town. she had a calendar tapped to the fridge complete with garbage day, water/ walk dogs, and a long list of frozen food options available in the freezer. i couldn't help but call my older sister lauren and share a good laugh about it.

with thanksgiving around the corner, i can't think of a better time to be reunited with the ones i love most.


  1. That street looks really familiar, where is it? I love it when the boys are in charge, it makes you realize how much women are needed in their lives.

    1. It is on Capitol Hill I'm SLC. I couldn't agree more :)

  2. I LOVE the first picture!!!You took that picture right, if you did you are way to good at photography!!