happy halloween

halloween this year was a simple one. ( and less scary compared to the Saw movie marathon we had last year...) derek worked at the jazz game until late, and i worked during the day. luckily for me, my mom came over with her homemade chili and a pumpkin pie. she sure knows how to spoil me. we eat our chili, watched some tv, and anticiapted the little trick-or-treaters to knock on my door. hope you had a happy halloween (!)
Fantastic Mr & Mrs Fox


  1. holy cow this is amazing. you guys are so cool.

  2. This is so cute! And looks fabulous.

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  4. Your costumes are absolutely adorable!!!! Loving the way you styled this too, perfect!
    xo TJ

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  6. best costumes (and movie) ever.

  7. I love your cute masks. Did you make them yourself?

    1. yes with felt and plastic masks and a little hot glue- the easiest last minute costumes ever.