black island farms

"i'm so glad i live in a world where there are Octobers"-anne of green gables

derek and i ventured over the black island farms last saturday to get ourselves some pumpkins and enjoy the festivities along with it. to derek's enjoyment my camera battery was completely dead but the iphone was there to save the day. afterward we cruised home eating chick fillet in the car. i swear they have they best chicken sandwiches in the world. my mouth is watering as i writing this.

Fall- you were short and sweet as always and are gone as it snowed today at my house. i'm extra thankful for garages, wool socks and car heaters. the drive to work was frightening but i made it there alive. i can't wait to shred the fresh powder at my favorite winter wonderland. pray the snow keeps on coming- and if you disagree then move to california...

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