summer home

photos above are my attempt at free lensing. 

my august in a nutshell. on labor day i hiked malans peak in ogden with some neighbor friends. (derek was golfing with his dad for his birthday.) it was a nice shaded trail but the last third was steep steep switch backs. between megan carrying her 4 month old baby, joe and his 3 year old daughter, spencer carrying 5 year old sam on her shoulders and pregnant arrienne, i had no room to complain about the steepness or slow down, but somehow i was at the back of the pack still. the view once we made it to the top was definitely worth sweating my guts out though. we could see forever it seemed, and could even spot out our house.

with labor day come and gone summer seems to be officially over. we kicked ours off with a cool night ride on bruce's harley down to visit derek's grandparents. this summer was a good one and i am sad to see it fade away. no matter how much i look forward to fall and winter, summer will always, always be my favorite season.


  1. these photos are so beautiful!
    I especially love the one of the girl jumping and wearing polka dots.

  2. A trampoline-something about them just seems so indicative of summer.mhow sad this lovely seasoning is now fading into fall.

  3. love all these picts....so lovely!

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