spudman 2012

one mile swim, 25 mile bike, and a 10k run. the spudman was awesome. this year was derek's and my brother zeke's first time and they kicked trash. we got off to a rough start after thinking we were wave 11 but it turns out that is was a roman numeral for 2... kensie and i ran barefoot to the starting line and jumped in the river at the last second as they were saying go. we just had enough time to slap on our caps and goggles, and we were laughing the whole way. for the swim kens and i stayed side by side the whole way. we have come a long way from being scared wrecks of 'beaver jaws' and anacondas. we finished the swim in 20 minutes and then we were off on our bikes.

the biking was my favorite this year. i think the fact that i have been doing cross fit helped a ton, i felt stronger than ever before. we stayed together and worked as a team, encouraging each other. at the end of the course the rolling hills came. i would speed up to gain speed and coast up the hill as much as i could. even kensie on her mtn bike pulled ahead of me and i couldn't keep up. i am slowing down and getting tired and a huge peleton of 40 something bikers rode up from behind me and i started peddling as fast as i could to stay in the 'tunnel'. it worked cause we were pedaling hard but moving twice as fast. i soon caught back with kensie and yelled at her to join me but it was too fast and we separated again. as we rounded the last corner into the next transition, there were fans everywhere along the side lines cheering like crazy. i couldn't help but smile like a fool and finish strong.  i knew from the last time to keep my legs bent as i got off my bike so i wouldn't fall over. they felt so weird, like a jello po-go stick.

as i started the run i told myself to keep my legs moving and not to walk. kensie has a stress fracture in her knee and couldn't do the run so she cheered goodbye as i started up the hill. the first part of the course was a steep stretch up a grass hill ( that would later be the finish line) it was hard to run. at the top we crossed the railroad tracks and could see the rest of the bikers finishing up. thats when i started to wonder how derek was. we lost each other before we even started as we had a confusing start. he isn't much of a swimmer so i knew if he got through that he would be fine. just as i was feeling beat, with a mile to go, my dad came running from behind me. i tried to stay with him but he was just too fast for me at that point. i rounded the corner to the small hill we started on, this down i got to run down. the sides were lined with people cheering. i took all that i had left to sprint the last 50 meters. i found kensie and my dad as we watched derek, zeke, and my mom finish.

after everyone meeting up we took a few photos by the river and then went to get some much needed fuel- lots and lots of fresh fruit! then we bathed in the river with loofahs and all. on our way home we stopped at jack's over the top for some well anticipated burgers, onion rings and shakes. but hey we burned off 2000 calories so id say we deserved it ;) it is such a rewarding thing to do. i loved every minute of it and next up want to do a 50 mile bike race!


  1. Great job!! I'm glad you had fun! Looks like a really good time.