for our one year anniversary we decided to finally try making sushi ourselves. we got all of the utensils for our wedding and they had sat in the drawers long enough :) this was our first time we made it on our own, so we definitely know how to improve for the next time but here is what we did.


- 3 cups Calrose rice
- Rice wine vinegar
- Raw tuna steak, frozen
- Raw salmon, fresh or frozen
- Seaweed/Nori
- Panko breaded shrimp, frozen
- 2 cucumbers
- 3 avocados
- 1 lemon
- 1/4 bundle of Cilantro
- Less-sodium soy sauce
- Wasabi
- Siracha
- Tobiko (we used the regular Orange and Wasabi Flavor)
- Ginger


- Rolling mat
- Saran wrap
- Serrated knife
- Soy sauce bowls
- Chopsticks
- Lots of plates and platters


1. Start cooking rice (we just threw it in our rice cooker.) Meanwhile let tuna and tobiko thaw. Bake Panko shrimp according to its directions on packing.

2. Wash and cut the cucumbers and avocado in long strips, lemon into thin wedges, trim the long stem off the cilantro.

3. After rice is cooked let cool to room temp and then mix in a capful of rice wine vinegar.

4. When the fish is thawed cut into long strips along with veggies.


1. Start by putting a sheet of saran wrap on top of your rolling mat, then put a sheet of seaweed on top of that

2. Add a scoop of rice on top of your sea. Use enough to cover the whole seaweed in a very thin layer. (Be careful not to mush the rice when spreading. ) Once it is spread out flip it upside down,(so the rice is facing down and the seaweed in up) in order to make an inside out roll.

3. Choose whatever ingredients you want inside. The possibilities are endless but i always like to have cucumber and avocado inside all of my rolls. Line the ingredients along the bottom edge of the seaweed, and then roll the mat over top and squeeze tight. 

4. Peel the saran wrap off and then you can add tobiko, and whatever sauce you want. Don't forget to mix the wasabi in the soy sauce and eat away!


  1. how fun! i just stumbled across a post on a blog called "annie's eats" the other day about making california rolls at home. i'm not typically a sushi eater, but it would be fun to try making it at home with all different veggies inside.

    here is the link if you want to check it out: http://annies-eats.com/2009/03/16/california-rolls/

    have a great day!


  2. That looks like so much fun!! I bet it was delish!

  3. matt and i love to make sush but we haven't done it in forever. when you're on i-80 next time, stop in and let's roll!

  4. Funny that I came across your post today, my husband made sushi yesterday, with not as many ingredients as you have there but it turned out great all the same.

    I have enjoyed looking at your photos!