as much as the love the ocean, i do believe i will always be a mountain girl at heart. with all the time we have been spending up at powder mountain, ive breathed in my fair share of mountain air, seen a pretty pink sunset or two and felt the wind in my hair as we race up ferocious hills. we even saw a baby moose the other day! its been keeping me grounded since we haven't really gone on any vacations this summer yet.

the boys brought up their guns and clay pidgons a few nights ago and had a hey-day. it was fun to see them in action and they were actually really good too. derek and my brother zach are some sharp shooters. derek also informed me that he used to compete in shooting as a kid. as if he already doesn't have my heart, he won me over again.
this saturday will we venture up to burley ID for the Spudman triathlon with my family. its been a summer tradition ever since we moved to Utah from Japan just about 7 years ago. derek and i have been practicing our swimming especially since derek may or may not be the next michael phelps. i do believe after our bike rides to ogden high's pool, and our adventure at pine view last saturday, we are ready!


  1. I feel the same. I love the ocean but can't get over how beautiful mountains and green are. These pictures are so pretty. It looks like a wonderful time.

  2. i always love looking at all of your photos!

    looks like you guys are having a good time!

  3. The fireworks picture = excellent

  4. Powder mountain looks magical! I'm glad you're a mountain girl at heart :) And that's awesome your family tradition is a triathlon!!

    p.s. to answer your question about editing photos, I really like to use picmonkey (an online editor) and photoshop. Hope this helps!