koko kitchen

i went to SLC tuesday with mama, kensie and lauren. we adventured to smiths to get groceries. i always love shopping with them because they all have their own taste. kensie helps me fine orangic and natural goodies, mama- exotic foods, and lauren- helps me indulge. i left the store with things i would of never bought including therapeutic epsom salt, wasabi cheese, and marinated mushroom bruschetta. we ventured to lunch at koko kitchen - a greasy spoon of a japanese place with to die for curry and sushi. we sat on the patio, surrounded by bamboo, laughing, taking photos, and sharing each other's food. i couldn't get enough of their fresh pickled ginger. (and to think i used to hate that stuff as a kid!) as we dropped lauren off at her apartment, i was carrying gwen her kitty in her carrying case. we went got off the elevator i unzipped a pocket to let her poke her head out and she launched out of the case and ran down the hall and waited in front of their door! a smart kitty that one is. i had such a fun short trip with my girls and love when we all get together.


  1. Looks like a fun time! Glad you had fun. Hah I wanna see pictures of this kitty!

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