the weekend was good to me. maybe it was the fact that i wore a scarf tied in my hair, or maybe that we tried out a new pizza joint- lucky slice down on 25th street with the slices so huge and so tasty. or that we went to the driving range afterwards and were joint with some of his good friends. i actually learned a thing or two and put it in action and hit almost all of the balls. then i put it to use saturday after we cleaned out of backyard, with the help from my family, from the big storm in november. and there may have been some hulk smashing down by lauren with a sledge hammer and some attempts at convincing derek to keep this old wooden door from the chicken coop. i lost by the way. we golfed wolf creek with my parents. yes i said we. as in i joined! and i really enjoyed it too. we saw a little buck on the course and i got so close to him to take a photo and we held each others stare for what felt like minutes and it was wonderful. 

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