woke up to the sound of your fleeting heart.

my time last week was spent high up in the mountains camping with the girls of my church stake in heber valley.
we got to do so many fun things like:
canoing, paddle boating, s'more eating,
ghost story telling, skit making, hiking, scone eating,
poision ivy stinging...well just for me : / 
ziplinging, tightrope walking, leech catching.
with over 100 girls and 20 leaders, there was so much to do and people to be with.
i had so much fun camping in my sweats and rainboots everyday laughing my head off.
it sure felt nice to come home though to a clean bed, cell service and my husband! boy how i missed him.


  1. i seriously hope i get a yw calling someday because let's be honest, girls camp was not my favorite as a kid - but i think i would like it now and hope that i get the chance to love girls camp again.

  2. That zipline looks so awesome. I have always wanted to do that.