happy trails to you.

the jokes were corny, the sun was hot, the train was whistling, as we got our yeehaw on last night at the Lehi Rodeo. i haven't been to many rodeos in my days so i always love when they come around-especially on the perfect summers night! 

we bbq'ed up some bratwursts at our friends dan & britt beforehand with home grown sweet onions to pair it with. i even endulged and had myself a dr. pepper! then we walked over with the rest of the town to the rodeo grounds. we stayed out way late (past 10pm) and felt like teenagers again, laughing about how we are married and 'old' now. 

life is good i tell you. life is good.

--- i also tried more free lensing and i am in LOVE!


  1. this looks like one of the most perfect summer nites. i need to try my hand @ free lensing!

  2. every single one of those pictures is amaaaazing.

  3. love the lehi round-up. born and raised.

  4. These pictures are super cool! I really love the ones of the grill.