free lensing 1.0

summer is in full bloom and our house is hotter than ever. i've been embracing my love for ice cream and anything sweet and cold... or just sweet. i've been occasionally working it off at cross fit with the Peterson's. i may or not have wanted to kill derek and spencer a few nights ago during the work out. they did it at 6am but hung out that night while i did it with the ladies. they were just trying to encourage me but i don't handle that well while i'm huffing and puffing a 65 pound bar over my head and sprinting up a hill. (well what i thought was sprinting. i may have been more similar to a snail.) 

i finally tried free-lensing -- where you detach the lens and hold it close and move it around a little to get a blurred bokeh effect.  here are the products above. i'm excited to try it a little more this weekend between my two shoots on saturday (!)

this weekend we are going to the lehi rodeo with our friend dan & britt who live down there. for normally only seeing them every couples months we get to hang out with them twice in one week. needless to say we are thrilled to be spoiled with good company. 


  1. These images are fab! I must try free-lensing at some point. Hope you all have fun at the rodeo!

  2. your photography is great, i just love it

  3. These pictures are quite lovely. I love the bokeh... in like anything and everything. It's great here especially.

  4. loving your photography and beautiful blog m'lady!

    you've got mad skills!

    xo em

  5. lovely!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  6. what a pretty space you have here. Thank you for your comment! Nice to see that people are out there. :)