to be happy as a clam.

i am currently listening to aretha on pandora attempting to study math for my radiology state exam. its not working. all i want to do is get up on the table and bust some moves in my granny scrubs (which i'm lovin). maybe it is from all that sugar in the bread and butter my mom brought by from great harvest. thank heavens for her and that kensie had to stop by for an MRI so they got to visit me.

this weekend was such a treat and actually was pretty long, since tuesdays are my day off. so i had a 4 day weekend (!) i guess i was a little exited to get back to work though when i got here 20 minutes early... and i don't even consider myself a morning person.

friday night we got together with my good friend stephanie and her recent fiance josh! we got sushi at our long time favorite place in SLC - Shogun. we chatted over sushi about their wedding plans and newlywed life plans. it's fun to have more married friends. i can't wait for their wedding come august!

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