i would like you for my own.

 derek headed to st george yesterday to play in a golf comp with his dad so i've been holding down to fort. i've let loose and the house has gotten quiet messy without derek here to stop me. i came home from work today with my ipod in, grabbed my camera, and took my bicycle for a spin around the neighborhood. something about peddling up the hills makes me feel in control and at ease. last night for dinner i made spaghetti squash with avocados and parmesan cheese and ate a whole bag of young coconut and besides missing my partner in crime like crazy and feeling under the weather i am surviving. tonight i saw the avengers again with my family. i'm glad to have my parents back from florida. even though i only seen them once a week if even, this 2 week trip felt like a century. i guess i'm still their baby at heart.

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