paved with gold

friday as soon as i got off work and derek got done with his new PT internship, we headed to Five Guys. it was the first time i ate there and it was so delicious and fresh. with it only 5 minutes away we will be back there a lot this summer. after our quick bit we headed to small town walker cinema in north ogden to see The Avengers with some of our friends. the movie was really good and makes me want to re-watch all of the movies leading up to it. hope you had a happy weekend too.


  1. we love five guys too! it is one of our favorite places to grab a burger. there is one really close to our house, so that can be dangerous :-)

    hope you had a great weekend!

  2. five guys is hands down one of my favorite places to eat. ever. yes, i am that in love with cheeseburgers and fries. five guys and then the avengers? winner of a weeked right there. that movie was bomb! i seriously cannot wait to see it again!