took the beat from my heart.

our sunday was spent in eden with my family. we feasted on ribs with my mama's homemade bbq sauce and Mango Coconut Sticky Rice- my new fav {!} i wore one of my grandma's scrafs as a turbin and derek wouldn't stop calling me Jamaica... we had a little dance party, did accents and impersonations including: kensie the russian, forrest gump (by everyone) fat albert by myself and some other mutts. our bellys were sore from laughter. i also got to raid kensie's closet now that she is all moved home- which is better than real shopping ;) also scored some of my clothes she borrowed 9 months ago that i forgot about.
my dad and brothers built a mini half pipe a week or so ago and i got to see my bros (and dad) in action shredding. derek also informed me he wants to get a skateboard... as if he isn't accident prone already ;) the more i use my new camera the more i fall in love with it. can't wait to try more filming on it.


  1. Your photos always inspire me, I truly love your captures. Also, you dad skates? TOO cool.

  2. Love love love that headwrap. Grammies are the best for that sort of stuff, aren't they? ;)