to keep in your mason jars

although i'm married to a golfer, i have only been 3 times. one of which was saturday night. derek talked me into going with bruce and carly by saying i could drive the cart and take pics. he knows me well. i learned a thing or two about golf etiquette too like: you should park on the right side of the ball, be silent before a hit, and at all costs down get the hiccups! sadly i did have the loudest hiccups of my life, what are the chances of that? luckily they offered me to come again, so i must of not been that big of a goof ;) afterwards we headed to farr's fresh for some pineapple peach mango yogurt and popping boba, a nice end to a great weekend.


  1. I love boba! I'm the same as you. Just let me drive the cart & I'm good.