opens up my heart.

derek and i have been wanting bicycles for almost a year now. so today when went took his parents retro scott bikes off their hands, we were so thrilled! they have been residing in the backyard shed for a decade for two so they needed a little tlc. but after a good cleaning and greasing they were set for a spin around the block. i am so excited for summer nights to be spent riding these babies around the neighborhood and saturday mornings on the trails. the best part is we will be matching. kinda like matching clothes with your best friend in elementary school... only better.

p.s. dont remember the last time i laughed as hard as i did while watching this.


  1. your bow, your shirt, your bike. LOVE THEM ALL. bahahaa the best is when he goes into the biology class! i want that to happen while i'm in class. the funniest part about watching that was having a friend in mind who i can seriously see doing that in a heartbeat. mullet, leather pants & all. "he's playing to a baby right now, he is above the law" this just keeps getting better.

    1. kylee you are seriously the sweetest! and i love the part in biology class! i seriously was having a hard time breathing while watching it