just see where i land

our weekend was grand and it went a little something like this....
(friday) we headed to one of my favorite restaurants on 25th street- Roosters. i worn my clogs i got a little bit ago at the D.I. and those puppies are tougher to walk in than i anticipated. derek got the fajita pizza and for me an ahi wrap with wasabi dressing. it was so delicious and at the same time probably cleared out all of my sinuses with every bite.  we grabbed extremely loud & incredibly close redbox. have you heard of this site? i pulled it up on my phone while i was waiting in line and scored us a free rental for a night.
(saturday) we ran 13 miles! and it felt a lot longer. but i am so glad we did because there marathon is only 3 weeks away and we need to get in a little bit more milage before i will feel prepared to run that crazy thing again. we ran from our front door to Kurt's Drive In in North Ogden and it took us a little over 2 hours. i am i proud to report that we didn't walk at all on both of the huge hills. although i was pretty bushly tired, i went to D.I. to treasure hunt. which i am glad i did because i found the pair to a goblet i got there a little bit ago along with a polka dotted blouse (in the bottom photo) a unopened vintage photo album and a western skirt. that night in celebration of our neighbors dog Mushu's first birthday and that braden took the MCATs we had a little bbq. i made a little fruit dip with only sour cream and brown sugar and it was a hit! luckily since our big container of strawberries from costco was extremely ripe.

p.s. Bibio- where have you been all my life?!


  1. Hi! The table is thrifted, good find right?!

  2. extremely loud, was it a good movie?! i heard mixed reviews about it. alsoooo that red box code page? hellllooo new favorite site!