shout hooray.

 when my mom asked what type of dessert derek wanted for his birthday, he responded- i don't care, whatever Talia wants. he is such a loving fool. he doesn't care about having the center of attention but to make sure everyone else is happy. so my mom made an assortment of desserts including homemade coconut ice cream (my favorite!) chocolate silk pie, the traditional "Sunday Going to Meet You Pie" (my great grandmas special recipe, and whole wheat cinnamon rolls. i'm guilty of having one of everything and seconds of a few too (!) i justified that sunday is my splurge day and i'll just have to eat healthy during the week and add a few miles to our runs. 

p.s. dont you love the candelabra on that pie?! it's a joke in the Greer house that we never have candles for birthdays. so for christmas i got my mom a ton of crazy candles. but i must say this one takes the cake. pun intended.

p.p.s it was so fun to have our cousins/aunt & uncle?/family/dan and dawn in town to snowboard and celebrate with us.

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