in a sunny haze.

at the strike of 1:00am last friday derek and i set out on a road trip to phoenix AZ! with no one on the roads we made it there in no time. we spent our time there staying with his grandparents in a retirement community, or as derek likes to call it "the lords waiting room." we were spoiled by them to have breakfast made for us every morning, swap meet shopping, 18 holes of golf for derek, and even lunch with a flock of flamingos. we had so much fun hanging out with all these cute old people that loved you after just barely meeting you. derek was inspired with their witty remarks and i was by all the ladies fashion sense. ( those rusty pants were a thrift find from the one and only buffalo exchange, along with that polkadotted blouse.)


  1. hilary and i are loving your pictures here. they're lovely. and we're LOLing about "the lord's waiting room." props.

    1. glad you enjoy them and i thought it was hilarious too! i miss both of you very much!

  2. sounds like you had a great time! Loved this post! You really paid attention to the little details-which made this so cute and interesting!

    found the route