surrounds me like a waterfall.

my dear friend Jane is getting married this month. we have been friends since the 9th grade and we roommates in college at utah state. she is one of the most friendly and outgoing persons i have ever know & can't wait for her wedding. i sure enjoyed wrapping her present for her shower & maybe secretly wanted to keep it. 


  1. this is super cute wrapping!

  2. cutest wedding packaging!!!!!

  3. i'm obsessed with both baker's twine and letter stamps. but i like the font of yours better... where'd you get those pretties?

    so, okay, are you ready for this:


    i could pull off shower curtains because the windows are hidden by the kids' beds. if the curtains showed more than they do, i would've had to have added fabric to the bottom of the curtains or somesing.

  4. @ erin-i am too, they are from Joann's craft store. and the fact that they are shower curtains makes me love them even more!