sea of love.

last night i drove up to logan for Janey's bridal shower. it was especially beautiful with the moon starting to rise and the snowy tops mountains beginning to glow. it was the best of reunions for the old utah state roomies and friends, since we live all over now and haven't been in one place together for years. the evening was filled with delicious fresh fruit and crepes, reminiscings, and excitement for jane's new adventure in life. it got me thinking how happy i am being married to derek and that the time is really flying by. 9 months next month? now that's just crazy. hopefully this thursday night i can ditch class to make it to her wedding :)


  1. oh janey! she is such a great girl. even though i mostly know her through the virtual world of fb and instagram, i'm happy to say that i do know her in person too. the one time we hungout was simply wonderful!

  2. talia! it was so fun to see you! cute pictures! i hope to see you at the wedding!!