sunrise come on and wake me up.

i had some fun this weekend::
got to see my cousins hillary & erica {to exchange christmas gifts}. my sisters and i met up with them at Dodo's  in sugarhouse. then as tradition we went thrifting. usually we get lost in D.I. for a few hours but this time as we were in slc we went to Decades. afterwards we went for macarons. those little things are pretty delicious. the rest of our weekend i had another first with german pancakes and i love them. we went to our nephews baptism and got to play with the twins. it's always fun with them around. especially now that they are talking more. their words of the moment are beautiful and handsome. oh and it finally snowed!! derek and i got to finally use our new shovels and had enough energy to shovel our drive way and 3 others. {since most of our neighbors are older and live alone we felt to need} and tonight we saw an amazing sunset.


  1. Hi Talia! I just stumbled across your blog, and I love it! Nice to meet you.


  2. Great photos!


  3. oh goodness, as sad as i am to see christmas decorations come down one-by-one, i'm kind of happy to see all the pretty valentines day decorations coming up!
    and would you believe that i have never had a macaroon in my life? i know, i'm way behind on this!!
    xo TJ

  4. @TJ it was my first time- but you need to in your life time. but i'm definitely more or a cupcake girl.

  5. wow gorgeous pictures! And yes, you did have a beautiful sunset! Umm... by the way, can I ask you how you got to lay your photos out so well on your post? I've been having some problems with that. New follower btw :)

  6. @songbook- i just make them size XL and allign them all to the left. i had to make sure my width was big enough too. thanks for following along :)

  7. so happy i found your blog talia :) so freaking cute!!! first off those macaroons look amazing & i just have to say that ut is beautiful when it snows. how fun that you got to go thrifting with your sisters.

    new follower!