never changing who i am.

it is finally winter in utah. the snow came later than most years but has made up for it with the recent dumpage of snow. and it has finally gotten cold. i mean freeze your nostrils before you can run to the car cold. my week has been full of chaos between, work, online classes, designing my friends wedding invitation or radiology lab i come home pooped. D snapped this pic last night. i fell asleep before i could eat dinner. and it was 8 o clock. i must say the 9 plus hours of sleep did me well. with all this commotion i have a lot to be grateful for, dishwashers, garage, dried coconut, alarm clocks, husband, and curry rice. these things have been especially great this last week. whether they have been delicious, saved me some time or made me laugh, i'm thankful for them. i am excited for the weekend to come especially since i won two Jazz tickets today at work for the game this saturday. when i told D the news we asked, can i come. what a silly one. 

p.s. i can't get enough of this local band


  1. Like usual, AMAZING pic! Curry rice...super yum!! I really wish we got snow here. I am not a hot weather fan, funny enough. Must be the Brit in me lol

  2. What a lovely blog you have! I love your photos, especially the first one. It hasn't seemed like winter here at all (I'm in St. Louis). It's been rainy and gloomy, but no snow. So send some our way! And cheers!

  3. that heart in the snow is adorable.