2011 year in review

we spent our last hours of 2011 at powder mtn with my family playing liars dice. to celebrate the new year we broke out the sparklers. i swear it gets harder each year to make it to midnight. luckily we made it. twenty eleven was by far my favorite year yet.  it will be hard to beat and here are some reasons why.


jan: we where taken to shred untouched powder by the snowcat! saw some mountain animals, ran my second college season for Weber State in track meets
feb: got a diamond ring put on my finger! derek sold his motorcycle, and i took lots of instax photos
march: derek turned 23, went to Holi Krishna Spring festival, took our engagement photos.
april: got my associates degree, went to the greatest store called Cabellas.
may: we took our bridals, kensie graduated from high school, went on lots of golf course walks, and rode on a bicycle built for two.
june: got a new last name :) rode cruiser bikes all around the cutest beach town on our honeymoon, visited to amazing "hawaii Idaho", survived WITHOUT AC with our rickety swap cooler, found lots of new trails and settled in our first tiny apt together. 
july: learned to drive a boat, found some rope swingsate sushi to our hearts content, and some, learned how to golf

aug: did a Phlebotomy externship at Hill Air Force Base fell in love with Micky D's Mango smoothies, went to our first SLC Bees gameturned twenty, officially met the amazing land of el salvador!! got a vip photo pass to the Pow Mow Motor Cross

sept: saw the cutest critter. got the visit all my friends from high school on a little lunch date, went Paddle boarding for the first time and loved it!
oct:ran a marathon! learned how to mountain bike, went to park city ut, cooked pumpkin pie for the first time, did a little prank

nov: survived a tornado! ate lots of homemade Pupusas, feasted til our content at our first married thanksgiving together

dec:decorated a christmas tree & drank cocoa, celebrated our first christmas being married, made lots of little movies, & got a sweet visit from my best friends! (kiley, emily and Jo)

two thousand and eleven thanks for treating us so well. you shall be missed! bring it on 2012 lets see what you've got.


  1. Happy New Year!

  2. love the sparklers! happy 2012 to you, girlie! :)