the stars at night.

my sister kensie is finally done with semester at byu and officially home. we spent our night out on the town at Roosters and doing some christmas shopping, which was a success. we came home and made some peppermint hot chocolate and laughed while we watched Just Go With It. so glad my family is all home for the holidays. 


  1. Okay i think i've just about updated myself using just about every of technology that I've been missing for the past oh 6 months and more of your life. and may i just say how sad I am I've missed out on so much of the fun. I want to become apart of it again come january. 2012 new start new friends. new last names....well for you that is. Well just wanted to tell you how much I love and miss you friend and how very sorry I am for being out of this world in a negative way not a "out of this world" cool way.

  2. I love those tights! Glad I stumbled upon your blog:)