thanksgiving eve.

last night kensie came by to see our new place and thought our house was absolutely freezing. we checked the thermostat and realized that 56 was a little cold.  i guess derek and i are used to the cold after our last apt. but the temp in our house continued to drop. last night we went to bed in hoodies, sweats, beanies and also stacked the bed with extra blankets. this morning when we woke up to 51 degrees inside our house, we knew something was up. by the end of the day we were able to get the hot water working again and the furnace running. also derek got an iphone today. we are both really excited. we have been playing with it and asking Siri silly questions. here's how some of them went:

D- do you like pancakes or waffles?
Siri- i really have no opinion.

D- will you marry me?
Siri- we hardly know one another.

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