happy as the sun.

derek came home from work today with exciting news. 
(first you have to know he has been working at the local hospital in the dish room. 
he did his time in hopes of being able to change departments soon. 
but after 8 months and with this economy there werent many openings.)
so tonight when he told be he got *the job. 
i literally screamed with joy! and he told me to quiet down, 
since our neighbors are only a paper thin wall away.
i am so grateful. and he deserves to never have to wash a dish again.
derek is such a hard worker and i am so happy for him.
seriously like as happy as i was on our wedding day.
so he now be a cancer registrar at mckay dee hospital.
all that comes to mind is my dad's favorite saying, 
'clean living pays off.'

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  1. Woo Hoo! That's awesome! I love the picture of you winding up for the spank.