love notes.

When derek and i were dating we used to leave each other post it notes on each others cars.
 it was so fun to finish a long day of studying and find a note from him on my mirror.
 i have saved all of them and glued them in my journal and love to look back at the how 
far our relationship has come. 


now a days we ride to school together half the time and the other days are there at 
different times. so its harder to track down each others cars. today i was thinking 
about how much i loved these little love notes when i found some post-its in
 my backpack. so i left D a note on his mirror and i can't wait for him to find it. 

/// T

still cant believe its mid october. 
we have yet to: 
carve pumpkins
or plan our halloween costumes.
i better get things cracking.


  1. You cuties! Let's talk again on the phone soon! And see each other!