here comes the weekend.

the past days have been cold! it snowed in the mountains and rained in the city. you know it's time in invest in a heater when it it too cold to sit on your own toilet seat.  i guess this is what i wanted. after the summer faded yet still hot days i just would rather it be crispy and dry outside filled with crunchy leaves where ever you step. but i believe that is still on its way.  we don't have much planned for this weekend besides work and some serious studying. (doom on the kreb cycle!) here are some photos from around the lovely triplex.

{these are, as derek likes to say, my "lesbian boots"}
{this little turbin kept my ears warm all day}


if you're in Utah, try to stay warm this weekend!

ta ta


  1. ohh i just love that hair wrap so much! men....they don't get fashion! haha i love the boots! how do you get your photos like that? i love it!


  2. oh thanks :) it is a Vignette camera app i downloaded for free for my phone