the gourd.


the tiniest pumpkins that ever lived!


i have been hassling derek to take me to a pumpkin patch. he thought this sounded to girly or childish so he made me a deal. he said he would take me as long as i said we were going to "the gourd." today we set out to get some 'gourds' at the fish farm in north ogden. when we get there they tell us we have to walk through the kiddie corn maze to get to the pumpkins. so we head through the maze and soon get lost. after having the worker come lead us out, we exit only to find an empty pumpkinless field. there is a small table with some picked over corn stocks and the tiniest pumpkins i have ever seen!! (that's including the ones at the grocery store.) we leave laughing holding our fist size pumpkins and decide to head to this patch a ways away. luckily this place had it all! pumpkin pickin', hayrides, corn maze,  and already picked pumpkins of every size-just what we were looking for. after a goose chase and some good laughs, we got ourselves some gourds.



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