{the balloons marking each mile that would glistening in the sun!}
it's official. derek and i ran a marathon! we are still having a hard time comprehending that we actually ran 26.2 miles. it took us 5:08. we set out for this ridiculous run at 4:45am (and by pure luck, since i am not good at setting alarm clocks for the right day. which is still to recent to be a laughing matter.) we loaded up the school buses and headed to the starting line in the pitch black. driving there was the worst part. it went on forever. we saw the hills and the long stretched of desert land. once we got there we stood in line for the port-a-potty for 45 minutes! we got prepared and stretched as we waiting.
finally we lined up along with the other 7000 runners to start on this incredibly long race. they shot the gun and about 10 minutes later we actually crossed the starting line! the first 5 miles went by fast because we were running in the dark.  we saw a beautiful sunrise and at mile 7 ran up the famous dreaded Veyo Hill without stopping! we took our first walking break at mile 9. it sudden got harder from then on out. 
we weren't out of breath but our legs were beginning to get beat up from the steep down hill. we then started to run a mile walk a minute. after mile 19 it became a 2 minute walk and then we ended up walking the whole mile 21. i was dead and feeling negative. derek would reach back his hand and pull me up along side of him. in my mind i was bitter about this and wanted to run at my snail like pace but let him pull me anyways.
once we got into town the fans started to increase and cheer us on. they carried us the last 3 miles. the folk band in the back of the pick up truck, the children giving us high-fives pushed to keep running went i wanted in cry. i thought as soon as i saw the finish line i would break out with tears of joy but i didn't.
we finished the race hand in hand. we walked through some water misters, were crowned with our metals and were handed ice cream as we walking into the finished area. we laying in the grass and asked each other whose idea was it to do such a painful thing. 
we gather what little energy we had and walked backed to our hotel laughing about how ridiculous a marathon truly is. we didn't even want to think about ever doing one again, until now. it's totally addicting. to feel the pain and to still keep running. it is amazing what you can put your body through with a determined attitude. looking at the race we have decided we can do it better. we can do it faster. so as soon as we are learn to walk again, let the training begin again!


  1. I am so proud of you guys! Reading this makes me want to do a marathon. Yep that's it i'm doing it. Half first then the full thing! Love you!

  2. do it!! you should do the ogden half, its beautiful and mostly flat and down hill. and derek and i will be doing it! we can all run together :)

  3. wow, looks like such a great day for a run!