s'mores for breakfast

today work was rough. i come home to find a letter from my dear friend Jordan in the mail. after reading it, i felt so much better from my hard time at work. gotta love good friends that take the time to hand write and send a letter (from Hawaii). i love you Jo!

i made these delicious s'more bars. (recipe found hereand boy are they delicious. but there is a reason i don't bake that often-when i do i eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner. literally. just ask my hips.




  1. Those are the best. Landon LOVES those and ask me to make them all the time, but I have to say No because of how good they are we too would be eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner. :)

  2. carly: okay i added the link up there!
    shelby: thats good to hear i'm not the only one. hope your doing well :)