this past weekend derek & i drove to provo for the biggest rivalry in utah, the byu us utah game.
and of course we did some smuggling as usual. this time we went carbonated as opposed to last year. and even brought some serious supplies. it was a super sad game. poor byu lost big time. and poor derek had to drive home alone, once we got to our car i was out. we did get to see my little sis Kensie while we were down at byu. and she made the most delicious health pumpkin cupcakes with NO BUTTER & NO SUGAR. even derek, who i can't trick into eating veggies any day, loved them. she is already so ahead of me. my freshman year at usu i lived off garnola bars and aggie ice cream. needless to say it was a swell weekend.

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  1. Hahaha taping the dr. pepper to his ankle. Genius. Ha I love it.