after having to where panty-hoes to work today, i can't wait for the crisp autumn air arrive. for one reason derek and i will be moving! Right before halloween is when we can move in. as much as i love our tiny one bedroom apartment and i so excited to have a kitchen big enough to fit a table, a couch big enough to fit more than 2 people, and a garage big enough to fit a car! did i mention we will have a backyard too! Complete with an apple tree!!! I have no problem leaving behind our 2 neighbors just one paper thin wall away. (i perfer not to listen to my neighbor burp at night.) also another reason i'm excited for the cooler weather is i will be able to keep chapstick in my car and not have a melted mess after a hot summer day. as lame as this my sound, i love my chapstick! i keep one everywhere. without it, i just might shrivel up and die. so come on weather, bring on autumn!

photo from 10.2010




  1. Where are you moving to mrs?? Is it a house?? love that picture of you and derek.

  2. yes!! it is a house. it is in Ogden still just 5 minutes away but it is in the white part of Ogden, (we live in the Mexican/Black ghetto part now haha)you must come see it once we move in!